Marauders: stay alive

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[27.09.1977] still waters run deep

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Закрытый эпизод

Участники: Thomas Ashward, Remus Lupin, random werewolf

Дата и время: September 27, 1977

Место: The Forbidden Forest, the Hospital Wing


The Dark Forest is not a safe place to walk, but who cares?
As long as it holds its secrets, there will always be someone trying to reveal them.

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The night’s dark shade has fallen deeply out of the Hogsmeade’s lights. The last one was probably charmed badly as it was blinking softly through the vast net of huge evergreens which had been invaded this territory many years before even “Three brooms” were launched. Thomas has finished already his transfiguration essay - September was an “easy-peasy, lemon squeezy” month: even Ravenclaw, after almost 70 days of summer, wasn’t brilliant enough to satisfy all academic expectations of professor McGonagall, so the Gryffindor’s head teacher took this into account giving just 2 papers as a home assignment for the 5th grade of raven’s faculty. That’s just the beginning, - thought Ashward closing smoothly the old  book from the school library. Transfiguration of a horse skeleton into a reindeer skeleton. A horse into a reindeer. Bones’ transformation... Are we going to talk about animagi? This material wasn’t actually included into the general school course, but madame Pince knew for sure where all “the sweetest drops” of poison were hidden - by the end of school day the student has already got rather rare edition #2579 of “Transfiguration Today” which contained a guide to identifying unregistered Animagi. Delores would be happy. Reed stayed at school this night as she was one of Ravenclaw house’s prefects who were going to gather in the hall next morning at 6:00 to discuss the quidditch schedule for 77/78 season. Klaus also was out - some law regulations with the house they’ve bought took almost the whole day and Ashward’s elder brother desided to stay in London till the morning.
A far sound of thunder made the boy to close the window - Thomas froze: the slim shade like an abnormal huge spider crawled slightly between the trees moving towards the edge of Forbidden Forest.
- Nox, - the bedroom turned into dark but the creature has already disappeared among the tree trunks, - suck it up.. and go to bed, Thom.. - suddenly his eyes caught the light movement again: tree crowns were shivering and trembling like something big was running rapidly among the forest thicket. Again!
The boy headed swiftly downstairs and opened the old subfloor cover in the kitchen - the easiest and direct way to the very heart of Forbidden Forest. He hold the wand tightly, staring in the limitless darkness of the underground corridor - the only one word was beating in his vessels reflecting the heart rithm: werewolf. Watching it alive in a wild nature  is a rare chance to die to finish the DADA research Ashward has been writing for about 2 years: he started it in the 3d year of his study and has almost completed by now. Theoretical part.
Two minutes later Thomas has already disappeared in the deep tunnel leading exactly to the Forest where “the creature” was rushing to.


Вы здесь » Marauders: stay alive » Незавершенные отыгрыши » [27.09.1977] still waters run deep

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